Appetizer of the Moment – $10.00

::Pot Roast Pierogi::

Fried crispy with creamy horsey sauce and fresh thyme.

Salad of the Moment – $12.00

::Mediterranean Salad::

Mixed greens, grilled gyro meat, feta, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini and red onions tossed in balsamic vinaigrette.

Wings of the moment – $14.00/12 $8.00/6

::Ethiopian Wings::

Ethiopian spicy dry rub mix containing cardamom, ginger and African “Bird’s Eye” chili.

Game of the Moment – $12.00

::Tacos Tiberon::

Fried cape shark tacos with ginger slaw, cilantro and lemon zest in corn tortillas.

Burger of the Moment – $13.00

::Meatloaf Burger::

Grilled meatloaf with caramelized onions, pepper jack, bacon and tomato on a potato bun. Served with our house fries and a pickle spear.

Double Dog Dare – : $12.00

Any 2 Dogs of Your Choice Share a Basket of Chips.


Soup & Half of a Sandwich: $7.50 (changes Daily)

Hot Dog & a Beer Special Your Choice of Any Dog & add on a free Rush River, Amstel Light, Summit E.P.A., or a Pabst Blue Ribbon.